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Recent Testimonials
What Researchers are saying about our events...

"I really enjoyed the vendor show at Rockefeller university on 3/24/16. it was literally the highlight of my day and I loved learning more about the products offered. I really enjoyed the event, I actually met interesting people and even discussed career paths with some of the vendor staff. It was an overall excellent/great/superb event and I really hope you come back to Rockefeller.." - Annonymous, Rockefeller University, 2016

"This is the best vendor show I attended at USC. When I decided to come to this event, I came here for the food. But I am glad to see new technology, products and services available to us. I really enjoyed learning about services provided by Aviva, was surprised to see Sony in cell sorting business and learned that we can use morpholino in mammalian systems." - R. W., University of Southern California Health Sciences

"I really enjoyed visiting with vendors of the products and services we will be using for my lab. Particularly, Roboz stall was the most interesting for our program. We plan to use some of the instruments displayed at the exhibit. This exhibit was very useful and provided us an opportunity to see the instruments before purchasing. More such exhibits will be helpful. Thanks for organizing this event!" - A. S., Researcher, University of Georgia

"There was a variety of different groups and new products. I came specifically to see Enzo and Millipore and was interested in proteomics, micro RNA and RNA. Would like to see more epigenetic companies." - J. H., Researcher, Texas A&M University

"The BioResearch Product Faire™ is a great way to learn about new vendors and new products. Every time out I'm surprised to find a company I've never heard of like Biorbit. I always check in with my regular vendors, such as Eppendorf or ThermoScientific and ask "do you have anything new you're showcasing?" The vendors fill you in on things you might not have been aware of and how those new products might work for you. For example one of the vendors had plastic pasteur pipette tips that were cheaper because they were manufactured smaller and involved less waste. For me the BioResearch Product Faire™ is just a great way to learn new information." - A. G., Researcher, UC Davis Medical Center

"I thought the Bio-tech product fair was great! Even though many of the vendors’ products did not directly relate to my research, I did find some new techniques that I may be able to integrate into our lab. I look forward to seeing the exciting new products that will be showcased at the next fair! - A. K., Grad Student, UC Santa Barbara

"This is the best show I’ve taken part in. There are so much new product information that can improve the speed of experiments and data. By the way, the food is delicious. " - Y. T., Reseacher, UC San Diego

"I am impressed with the wide variety of vendors that attended the show. It is really helpful for checking out new products and comparing prices. Everything also seemed really organized."
- S. B.,
UC San Diego

"I really appreciate Biotechnology Calendar Inc. bringing all the new research products into one place and letting the researchers know about it. This really lifts up the quality of research and growth of industry. Keep doing this more and more." - G. D., Texas A&M University

"Enjoyed the show, had new vendors I’d never met before. It’s good to meet a rep from the companies we buy items from so we can give them feedback." - I. M., Texas Medical Center

"The vendor show is a great opportunity to find new products and instruments offered to basic science researchers. It is so nice when vendors follow up with our research after the show. Thank you! " - P. K., UC Davis Medical Center

"It was extremely nice to see the advances made in the scientific community and the new products available. I enjoyed visiting with vendors and learning about the products they have available and hope to make purchases from them in the near future." - B. L., University of Georgia