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Science and Scientists First

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Everyone From your Lab is Welcome

We Nurture Your Body as Well as Your Mind

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Science and Scientists First
Science and Scientists First
Science and Scientists First   top of page
With Ph.D. and M.S. level scientists on staff, we keep researcher’s needs at the core of everything we do in planning our tradeshows. While researchers tend to focus on highly specialized research topics, we make it easy to make new research contacts, discover new research tools, and access current information.
Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. Brings Relevant Exhibitors
Relevant Exhibitors   top of page
Our experienced on staff scientists understand your needs and provide you with the best cross section of relevant research, laboratory suppliers, and service providers. We understand life science products and lab techniques evolve over time and we strive to bring you companies providing the latest in technical advances so you can bring the best investigative processes to your research.
Everyone From your Lab is Welcome at Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. <br>
Everyone From your Lab is Welcome   top of page
Your entire lab benefits from seeing the newest products and laboratory techniques, attending informative seminars, and networking with technical specialists who can answer your research questions. We extend an invitation to: principal investigators, research administrators, program administrators, post-docs, graduate students, research associates, research technicians, purchasing staff, and the department’s administrative staff.
Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. - We Nurture Your Body as Well as Your Mind
We Nurture Your Body as Well as Your Mind   top of page
Nutritious snacks and lunches are provided for you to enjoy during the event. Researchers at past events consistently comment on the delicious catering they have enjoyed while networking with representatives from leading scientific companies. We serve a buffet, not a box lunch!
Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. - We Let You Know - When and Where we will be on Campus and Who is Exhibiting
We Let You Know - When we’ll be on Campus… Where we’ll be on Campus… Who is Exhibiting   top of page
Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. spends a lot of time working with on-campus staff and facilities management to make you aware of the date, time and location of our events. Our pre-show posters and correspondence list exhibiting companies so you are aware of who will be on campus, therefore allowing you to plan who you want to meet with during the event.
Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. Makes Registration Quick and Easy
Registration is Quick and Easy   top of page
It is our goal to get you into the exhibit and seminar areas as quickly as possible. Researchers can print registration forms from our website prior to attending the event. Just go to: Select the event you want to attend, print the form, fill it out and bring it to the event. Speed through the registration process and start benefiting from learning about new products and services faster. Provide your e-mail address at registration and we will automatically send an express registration form the next time we visit your campus.
Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. Professional On-Site Management Staff
On-Site Management Staff   top of page
Our on-site staff is available to answer all your questions. Whether you need assistance finding an exhibit booth, seminar location, or just want to know where to drop off your completed gift card, our professional staff is ready to assist you.
Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. Event Program Brings Attention to Your Laboratory
Bring Attention to Your Laboratory
& Promote your Projects   top of page
Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. extends a limited number of invitations for on-campus scientific organizations and research departments to promote projects, events, or fund-raising activities in our Event Program. Imagine the exposure gained from a profile printed in the Event Program which is distributed to each attendee and shared with other researchers back at the lab.
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"I like the cost savings this show affords me... I am able to compare prices with other vendors we are currently using. Also, at today's show, I met up with an old sales rep that went to a new company, and we lost touch! I was happy to get back with him so I can start ordering from him again." - C. C., Admin., Opthamology Research, Duke University

"The seminars were outstanding. I am currently teaching my technician similar procedures so it was very helpful." - S. S., Harvard University
"I've been to a few other vendor shows, but it's nice to come to one place and talk to all the reps at one time. We do not get a lot of reps that come to our building so it's convenient to be able to come to them." - Research Assistant, Beckman Institute

"There is a good representation of vendors and products that I wasn't even aware of. I've gone to [other] shows and it's all the same stuff over and over." - J. L., Harvard University