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Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.
has been successfully connecting researchers with the tools and solutions they need for the past 24 years. Researchers find scientific supplies, instruments, reagents, and services when they meet face to face with companies that can assist them in selecting the best products and services to suit their individual needs.
Exhibitors and the attending academic researchers are provided with a friendly and professional environment to explore the latest advances in life science research products and services complete with complimentary refreshments.
Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. provides lab product and service suppliers with effective branding, professional networking opportunities, strategic product marketing within research institutions, as well as face-to-face interactions with their target audience.


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Why Choose Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. On Campus Shows:

Laboratory Equipment Suppliers

Life Science Researchers



Proven Sales Results:   top of page

This year, our vendors have reported seeing record high sales opportunities from participation in our events coast to coast. They have benefited from researcher attendance growth of 25% in multiple markets. Our new marketing outreach system has shown increased attendance rates during 2016 with some shows reporting between 25 – 30% higher attendance than previous years.

  • Immediate trust by association

  • Conducive business climate

  • Ease of set up and exhibiting

  • Increased networking opportunities

Current Events in Science
Conducive Business Environment:   top of page

Enjoy the advantages of engaging with your target audience in a professional and relaxed environment. Our events are located conveniently for researchers and foster professional relationships building between your company and the university.

We provide your target audience with a friendly and professional environment with appealing amenities such as catering and door prizes.

Our expertise will build your brand so that you are seen as an active part of the local research community. Companies that participate in our events enjoy our receptive audiences in stress-free environments across the nation. Choosing Biotechnology Calendar, Inc., aligns your brand with our longstanding relationship with these researchers and the trust that we’ve built with them over the past 24 years.

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Extended Corporate Visibility:   top of page

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. is dedicated to working with the on-campus research community to boost awareness of your company’s presence at our upcoming events. Exhibiting companies benefit before, during, and after each event with extensive publicity including your company’s name on:

  • Multiple on campus notifications

  • Event e-mail promotions

  • Direct mail campaigns

  • Website publicity

  • Event program publicity, plus product categories and ad space availability

  • Show signage

  • Additional onsite market opportunities available

  • Social media marketing for your company

Trade Show Calendar
Options for Every Budget:   top of page

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. has flexible product and promotional options to fit the needs of every budget. Whether you are engaged in a specific product launch and have the need to maximize product awareness or if you are a startup company with the most modest of budgets, we have a solution for you.
Ask your sales representatives about options available to your company including:

  • Economy exhibit packages

  • Onsite outreach including: science pre-exhibit pages and advertising

  • Complete marketing package

Science Daily
Top Funded Research Audiences:   top of page

Our registration process maximizes efficiency by inviting all of the top funded life science researchers to our events through multiple rounds of marketing. This greatly enhances the interactions your company has by allowing your conversations to nurture relationships solely with research community attendees. Nationally, our events have a 27% decision maker attendance rate (post docs, PI’s, purchasing agents, and lab managers), which is the highest in the nation. Our attendee lists include data that is verified and corrected, resulting in the most data for your lead follow-up.

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Additional Marketing Options:
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Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. offers a full range of marketing opportunities to help you interact with researchers including:

  • Pre event marketing

  • Onsite marketing

  • Web outreach

  • Social network outreach

  • Partnership opportunities

Call and ask your sales representative about which options will drive the most business to your company.

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Excellence in Customer Service:   top of page

With 24 years of customer service excellence, Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. supports top quality events for both vendors and researchers.

  • Event performance and standards mean that we offer vendor credits whenever an event does not meet our performance standards

  • Safety and quality checks

  • Vendor assistance

  • Complimentary breakfast and lunch at events

  • Onsite unloading and parking (at most venues)