13th Annual

University of California, Irvine

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NSF 2010 Ranking: 61st (total R&D expenditures in life sciences) =$197,831,000

NIH 2011 Ranking: 49th (Direct plus indirect costs but excluding R & D contracts and ARRA awards) = $119,894,576 [2]

UC Irvine recieved an anonymous $9 million gift to support the campus's top scientists and transformational research. [3]

UC Irvine received five-year, $2.3 million grant to further research on infectious diseases carried by parasites called trypanosomes. The study seeks to discover new treatments for devastating illnesses like Chagas disease and sleeping sickness that infect the world's poorest and most vulnerable populations. [4]

A UC Irvine infectious disease specialist received a three-year, $10 million grant to explore the effectiveness of new methods to prevent staph infections in people who harbor MRSA bacteria when they’re discharged from the hospital. [5]

UC Irvine recently awarded a three-year, $1 million grant by the W.M. Keck Foundation to develop new equipment for the analysis of messenger ribonucleic acid levels in space and time within a living cell. The goal of the study is to create a single-cell analyzer that will have applications in fields ranging from developmental and systems biology to personalized medicine, cancer diagnosis and stem cell research. [6]

UC Irvine has more than 110 Research Centers and Institutes. [7]

UC Irvine Otolaryngology ranks 16th in the nation in research funding from NIH. The chemistry program is ranked 26th, biological sciences 34th and medical research 47th. [8]


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