12th Annual

Texas A&M University, College Station

Thursday, January 31, 2013

NSF 2010 Ranking: 62nd (total R&D expenditures in life sciences) = $193,506,000 [1]

NIH 2011 Funding: (Direct plus indirect costs but excluding R & D contracts and ARRA awards) = $16,833,077. [2]

Texas A&M University spent record of $705 million on research and development, and ranks among the top universities in the nation for research expenditures. [3]

Texas A&M University is being provided with a series of grants, totaling $176 million over a 5 year period. The contract can be renewed up to 25 years. This funding is to develop vaccines to rapidly respond and protect against flu pandemics and also includes funding for research and training in response to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. Texas A&M will partner with GlaxoSmithKline and Kalon Biotherapeutics. Over an expected lifetime of 25 years the federal contract to create a Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing is likely worth $1.5 to $2 billion. [4]

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M is to prepare a new education building with an expanded animal hospital. The design phase has started and the $120 million project is expected to start with the building phase early in 2013 [5]

The $95 million Texas A & M interdisciplinary life sciences building is now open with more than 200,000 square feet of space for labs and classrooms.

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station has been approved by the Department of Health and Human Services and has been awarded a $22.7 million subcontract by the A&M System to lead and manage the therapeutics manufacturing and advanced development workforce training programs for the Texas A&M Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing. The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station promotes new technology education and investigates problems in health and the environment, and is currently sponsoring more than 4,000 ongoing research projects, 800 collaborations, 40 patent applications and more than 1,000 students in research activities. [6]

NIH Funding at Texas A&M University for 2012 was $16.8 Million, up over $1 M from the previous year. [7]

The Institute for Genomic Medicine (TIGM) at Texas A&M University said today that it has won a contract totaling $12.25 million from the United States Department of Defense to screen potential targets that can be used to combat biothreats such as viral and bacterial pathogens and toxins. The funding from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) will be used to develop high-throughput screening measures in mouse stem cells to discover new vaccines and therapies to counter serious biothreats. [8]

Texas A&M received a $4 million grant from the state’s Emerging Technology Fund for the Texas Institute for Preclinical Studies.

Researchers at Texas A&M received a $2 million National Science Foundation grant to help speed up the process getting fuel-grade oil out of algae from an oil-rich alga, Botryococcus braunii by taking the genetic information out of the slow-growing alga – the genetic information for producing the hydrocarbons – and transferring that into a faster growing alga. [9]

Texas A&M University established the Courtney Grimshaw Fowler Equine Therapeutic Program made possible by a generous gift from the family and will be distributed over five years. The equine therapeutic program will provide teaching experience to Texas A&M undergraduate and graduate students interested in the equine therapy industry. [10]

Texas A&M University's research scientists are immersed in projects on every continent, working on at least 600 initiatives in more than 80 countries. [11]

Texas A&M ranks seventh in research and development expenditures among all university chemistry departments nationwide. [12]


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