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Virtual Reality is a truly immersive technology. To really understand this amazing tech, users need to experience it for themselves.

In April 2017, London will host the groundbreaking Virtual Reality Show, a dedicated public-facing, interactive VR event.

Virtual Reality Show will host the top brands, manufacturers, designers, retailers and innovators working in VR today and will allow the public to try out VR products. On our Show Floor Stage, product demonstrations, case studies and open Q&A sessions will allow users, developers and manufacturers to interact with some of the most exciting individuals developing this tech.

In our Feature Spaces, visitors can try on a headset and experience Virtual Reality in a range of exciting applications.

Our 2017 Virtual Reality Show features include:

Art Studio

Design Studio

Education Hub

Engineers Cave

Fashion Catwalk

Film Studio

Gaming Suite

VR Hospital

Military Base

Sports Stadium

Our audience will take in a broad range of experience and interest with Virtual Reality. From visitors interested in business, gaming and creative applications to people who just want to find out what all the excitement is about, this show is the ideal place to explore the incredible power of Virtual Reality technologies.

Join us in April 2017: Discover a new reality.
Full day ticket: 26

Please Note: Tickets for Virtual Reality Show are extremely limited due to high demand